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What does the UK Government and Legal Professionals say?

John Hemming addresses the HoC (26 March 2013)

International concerns about UK care proceedings wrongly dismissed

Children and Families Bill 2013

It’s not good news… – Opinion piece by Prof. Brigid Featherstone (Professor of Social Work since 2006)

Children and Families Bill 2012-2013

Follow this progress of this bill HERE

Rt Hon Michael Gove’s MP response to Foreign Government concerns

over UK Child Protection

Written question performance of the Department for Education.

(Wednesday 23 January at 3.08pm. Ended at 4.28pm)

House of Commons education Committee -

Children First : the child protection system in England (this is the first time the term “Forced Adoption” has been accepted into use by the UK Government)

(Forth report of session 2012-2013)

Family Law Week

Reporting guide on children cases aims to close divide between press and social workers

Justice Committee

Pre-legislative scrutiny of the Children’s and Family Bill

Family Justice Bill Second Reading

Commons Chamber Meeting started (Friday 26 October at 11.13am. Ended at 2.57pm)

Adoption 'Hotspots' Map Released To Cut Waits

Children and Families Minister Edward Timpson said the initiatives should "arm would-be adopters with the information they need to approach any local area"

Gove calls for more adopters

Michael Gove calls for more adopters to help find homes for more than 4200 children ready for adoption

David Cameron announces new Fostering for Adoption scheme

The government will change the law so approved adopters can foster a child they hope to adopt before the legal process is complete.

Eight councils fail new child-protection spot checks

Between June and December Ofsted checked 23 local authorities previously rated "inadequate" or "adequate with significant weaknesses" in this area.

Social workers to be removed from the adoption screening process

Local authority social workers could be stripped of their duties recruiting and assessing prospective adopters, if government threats are carried out in England.

Children being denied justice by legal cuts, says children’s commissioner

Maggie Atkinson says rights guaranteed by UN conventions breached because children unable to navigate complex procedures unaided (24/09/2014)

ADCS president urges MPs to collect more accurate data about children in care

Alan Wood's comments follow damning National Audit Office report that criticised government data collection (13/01/2015)

Department for Education under pressure from MPs, Ofsted and independent bodies its role in improving care.(14/01/2015)

Sir Michael Wilshaw, chief inspector for Ofsted, called on the department to share good practice and help local authorities improve

Should There Be a Third Standard of Proof in Care Cases?

Simon Goddard, solicitor, Red Kite Law, questions whether the balance of probabilities is the appropriate standard of proof in all care proceedings. (07/06/2014)

The Serial Removal of Children from Young Mothers – is this right?

Maureen N Obi-Ezekpazu, FRSA, Barrister and Mediator, Family Matters, asks what can be done to help the plight of young mothers who have had several children permanently removed.