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Stacey Lee had become separated from her mum in 1993, then traced her on Facebook.  

(Courtesy of the Daily Mail 04 March 2015)

“Finding Me”

I like to see people reunited.

Maybe that’s a silly idea, but what can I say.

I like the impatience ,

The stories the mouth can’t tell fast enough,

The ears that aren’t big enough,

The eyes that can’t take in all the change.

I like the hugging,

The bringing together,

The end of missing someone.

Reunification is Inevitable, and we would like to help children trace their birth families by giving them the opportunity to post their requests here on our site.  


In forced adoption, parents are legally prevented from publishing any details of their child. Children

however do not have that restriction. They have a right to know who they are and where they came from.

If you are a child seeking your family and had been separated in the United Kingdom, please send us a photo of yourself holding a sign of who it is you are looking for (an example can be found below). Then send us your picture name and contact details. Please do not put your name or contact details in the photo you send us. Only your picture will be published and if anyone wishes to make contact, we will forward on their details to you for you to decide what you wish to do next.

    Disclaimer: We do not hold records and are not a tracing agency. We do not guarantee any success.

                       We hold no responsibility for any individual who makes contact. All we are offering is a

                       platform for you to post your “Find Me” sign.