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                                      Forced Adoption: Nobody Wins – Reunification is Inevitable

TaKenUK is predominantly an organisation that supports natural parents and families in the UK who have lost their children to the ill-conceived and very damaging legal process of forced adoption.

There are no long-term follow up research studies that focus on the outcomes of forced adoption in the UK. Yet, the government continues to encourage local authorities to increase the numbers of children who are subject to forced adoption.

Forced adoption is a practice that is totally unsupported by research evidence. International research and government enquiries (e.g. in Australia) demonstrate that forced adoption is, in reality, a misconceived social evil.

It is not only the adopted children and their natural parents families who suffer. It is less commonly known that many adoptive parents also are badly affected by the forced adoption experience. This is due to four main reasons:

1. Adoptive parents are not properly informed and prepared in advance for the specific challenges that arise with a forcibly adopted child.

2. Adoptive parents are usually provided with a highly distorted negative picture of the natural parents/family, and are encouraged to reject the prospect of direct post-adoption contact.

2. Adoptive parents are not provided with appropriate therapeutic support after the adoption to help cope with the inevitable challenges that arise with a forcibly adopted child.

3. Adoptive parents eventually have to face the reality that “blood trumps all” – and that their adoptive ‘child’ will seek contact and likely reunification with their natural family. This can (and does) leave adoptive parents feeling abandoned and bereft.

TaKenUK believes it is heartless and irresponsible for local authorities and adoption agencies to subject prospective and actual adoptive parents to such experiences.

Adoptive parents need to fully understand that forced closed adoption is a fatally flawed legal mechanism that is – in the words of one eminent family barrister – “a social experiment on a massive scale”.

All three parties to the forced adoption ‘triangle’ are victims of this process: the children; the natural parents/family; AND the adopters.

TaKenUK encourages adopters of forcibly adoption children to get in touch to share their experiences.

Dr. Peter Dale

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