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  1. Foster care linked to homelessness, mental illness and drug use (2015)    Article

  1. Benefits of open adoption

  1. Blood test warns couples of genetic flaws they could pass on to baby

  1. Public family law cases in the context of miscarriages of justice

  1. Recording interactions between parents and professionals

  1. Preventing Un-Adoption Tragedies

  1. Known Consequences of Adoption to the Child: What They Knew But Ignored for over 50 Years

  1. Adoption: Trauma that Last a Life Time

  1. Mental health of adopted children: risks and protective factors

  1. Reunification Between Parents & Their Children Who Were Placed in Foster Care

  1. Challenging adoption order using human rights

  1. Family Preservation v. Anti-Adoption

  1. Adoption Trauma to Mothers: Dr Geoff Rickarby’s Testimony to the New South Wales Parliamentary Inquiry

  1. Adoption Disruption and Dissolution

We are always looking for helpful articles on adoption disruption, open contact and reunification.

If you think there are articles that we can put up to help families and professionals in their research, please do send us a link or a copy of the article.

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