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Public Events

Mrs Julie Haines and Mrs Jacque Courtnage in coordination with Mr John  Hemming is launching under the banner of Justice For Families, a National  “Stop Forced Adoption - it may be you" .

Venue: Birmingham   

For more details: Email: &

Stop Forced Adoption Conference video's

Part 1: Ourfuturz (Paul Whitehead & Linda Edge) & Brendan Fleming    

Part 2: Ian Joseph &  Christopher Booker


Part 3: John Hemming  &  Denise Robertson


Mr Hemming focuses on family justice – in the widest sense covering court and other proceedings, unsatisfactory and unfair legal processes and also the injustice suffered by families because of high fuel bills and cold homes.

Venue: House of Commons

Family Justice Bill

This is a Video shot at Trafalgar Square in London of parents and grandparents who have suffered at the hands of UK Social services, there were also care leavers who spoke about their own abuse at the hands of UK Social Services

•   15/12/2012  JFF STOP FORCED ADOPTIONS - it may be you

•   26/10/2012  Family Justice Bill - John Hemming

•   29/09/2012  Trafalgar Square Protest

If you have an event planned to bring about awareness of the truth of the Family Justice System or Children’s Social Services, please contact us with the details for them to be added to our events page. Please submit your details via email to

(We only advertise peaceful and awareness events in the UK. TaKen is not affiliated to any of the listed events and can not be held responsible for their content or actions)