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Letter with Money

Write a letter to your child telling them what has been happening in your life and how you have missed them. Tell them everything you would like them to know if you were able to talk to them now.  

Include some money in the envelope so that when your child turns 18 and is able to track you down, this money can help towards tuition, a car or even a home of their own. You can even include a photograph of yourself with the date when the picture was taken and where it was taken.

These letters can be done yearly on their birthdays or the day you lost them, monthly or as often as you wish.  

Many families affected by  the forced adoption of their children have found it difficult to find ways in honouring their child and the importance the adopted child still plays in their lives.

It is incredibly important that your child is thought of as a continued cherished member of your family and that those around you feel comfortable remembering them along with you.

They are not lost but are away from home for now.

We have put together some ideas you and your family  can do. Think how nice it will be that when your child is able to find their way back, how important all these little things will mean to them and that they will know they were always important to you and were never forgotten.  

Celebrations & Events

Remembering and taking time to include your child in special events and celebrations.

Birthdays: Bake them a cake and celebrate their life. Invite family or a close friends to be with you on the day.

Christmas can include a special ornament with their name on for the tree or hand their stocking along with others for the family. Each year, keep adding a small little item to their stocking along with all the previous years little items.

Always remember to record their presence with a photograph or a note.

Sponsor a Charity in your Child’s name

Find a Charity you think your child would like and each year, make a donation in their name .

Be sure to keep a record for your child of the donation.

If you click on the button to the left, you can browse through various charities.


Name a Star

This touching gift gives you the opportunity to name a real star and to find out all about stars and astronomy.

(If you click on the picture to the right, you will be taken to the site. Please note that there are many other such sites available on the web)

Be Creative

Create things with your child's name on them. It looks better when it is not shop bought because then your child will know that you made it with love.

Ideas can include:

Embroidery,  candles, scrapbooks, paintings, poems, stories, fridge magnets,woodwork, toys, signs or even write short messages to your child and place them in a decorated bottle for them to read later.

(If you click on the picture to the left, you will be taken to a craft site for some ideas. Please note that there are many other such sites available on the web)

Plant a Garden

Why not plant a mini or micro garden dedicated to your child, which you can nurture and spend time on.  Some families spend time together in these gardens, weeding or just contemplating.

Put up a symbol that marks this garden as your child’s.  

Honouring Your Child