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We would like to thank all the campaigners and professionals who are trying to right the wrongs of this system.  It is only through forced affected change that we can stop these atrocities happening to our children by the very system meant to protect them.

Thank you



This is a very good endeavour and I wish all the best to those who can to take part.

From: Dianne


What an excellent website and at last someone seriously challenging the disgrace that is the UK Family Courts and Forced Adoption. It is the unknown SHAME of this country and tantamount to child abuse and torture of law abiding citizens.

From: Duncan


Hi, just wanted to compliment you on your website and your efforts to help the families of the UK who have had their children stolen.

From: Michael


This is a very supportive site. I have one suggestion. There is a list with stories of all kinds except “single mother’ story. This might add another different point of view. Thank you. PS: I think this site is brilliant :)

From: Ellie

Taken reply: Thank you. We are adding these as we get them, so if you have been affected , please send us your story. If we publish it, it will be anonymised to protect individuals.


I definitely wish to complete the Victims Impact Statement but am only able to do it on line?

From: Shirley

Taken reply: Thank you Shirley. For reasons explained in the VIS and for signatory purposes, the form must be completed manually. If you are having difficulties printing, please contact us and we will gladly post you the pack.


Hello, I'm so glad i've found you. Often I feel like I'm the only one fighting for change with regards to adoption.

From: Liane

Taken reply: You are not alone and this is why we are doing this initiative to show policy makers the cause and effects of their policies.

We always like to hear positive comments and if you have found our website informative and helpful, please do let us know.