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Why are we doing this?

TaKenUK was created to bring awareness and hopefully, accountability for the increased numbers of forcibly removed children by the UK government and it’s social care departments. We also wish to have in place a full support service for everyone adversely affected, to help cope with the trauma they have  experienced.

Following the sad death and story of baby Peter, the family justice system have and continue to remove, large numbers of children from family homes and place them either into long term foster care or the majority, up for adoption.

The reasons behind the forced removals are based on various factors about the families. Shockingly, what is becoming more of a basis for the removal of children is NOT abuse or neglect but instead:

NAI - Non Accidental Injury.        

This is where a child is taken to the doctor or hospital for various reasons and what is now standard procedure for medical professionals is to always check a minor any suspected abuse. It is here where the story becomes grey  as many cases are now appearing where medical professionals are misdiagnosing NAI and vital evidence is being withheld from the parents to fight their cases in court.

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You can read more about the various types of NAI’s here:

               Fracture, Fissure, Metaphyseal, Shaken baby


               Vitamin D deficency

               Osteogenasis Imperfecta

               EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome)

At Risk Of Future Emotional Harm.

This is becoming one of the most common arguments used to remove and place children for adoption and is one of the hardest accusations to disprove.

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Mental Illness - Diagnosis during court proceedings

Parents are being subjected to psychological interrogations during court proceedings, where then reports are compiled and produced as evidence into court against the parent declaring the parent as having some kind of mental illness and thus unable to raise the child/ren safely. These can range from stress, fabricated illness syndrome, anger management and our all time favorite, unable to work with professionals. Please keep in mind that these are diagnosed whilst your child is being held in care and you have limited supervised access and social workers are writing reports about you which contain fabrications which you are unable to challenge due to your predisposed position you find yourself in.

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